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May, 2013

Michele Madia, Director of Sustainability Financing and Policy

May, 2013

Kathy Lindahl, Chair, National Association of College and University Business Officers Sustainability Advisory Panel

May, 2013

Ashka Naik, Director of ACUPCC Initiatives, Second Nature

March, 2013

Greg Stephens, Vice President of Marketing, Tech-Owls in Action


The greening of academe has been in process for years, as campus after campus takes on a wide range of initiatives, from alternative energy to zero waste. There are lessons here for companies. In this monthly column, Second Nature offers stories and insights from ACUPCC signatory colleges and universities around the United States. Interested in Contributing? Find out how.

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In this report, 52 Minority-Serving Institutions across the country have completed online surveys developed by UNCF to share sustainability efforts at their institutions.


June, 2015

Presented by: Second Nature and AlterAction

It's relatively easy to save up to $200 in energy costs for every computer in your organization, and that's just one of many opportunities. This webinar will provide information and resources on how to drive computer and office equipment energy savings in your own organization -- even if you don't work in IT.

May, 2013

Presented by: Honeywell

The impacts of climate change on campus operations can no longer be ignored – campuses must ensure their energy and operational systems can survive and thrive in a changing climate. Micro Grid experts agree that power outages from extreme events can be mitigated if the nation’s electrical infrastructure is made “smart.” This webinar will discuss Energy Reliability and how solutions such as a Micro Grid will lessen the impact of future blackouts.

November, 2012

Presented by: Second Nature and the U.S. EPA’s Green Power Partnership

Second Nature and the U.S. EPA’s Green Power Partnership are collaborating to identify barriers to expanding renewable energy use among colleges and universities, identify solutions, provide education on green power procurement strategies and explore joint purchasing opportunities.

Panelists: David Hales, President, Second Nature, Blaine Collison, Program Director, Green Power Partnership, US EPA, Sarah Brylinsky, Program Associate, Second Nature, Jenn Andrews, Director of Program Planning and Coordination, Clean Air-Cool Planet, Anthony Amato, Senior Analyst, Energy and Climate Change, ERG